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Kids Health First provides online learning experiences for its members in multiple formats. Whether it is a live Webinar or a meeting presentation, we hope to enhance your professional knowledge and assist you in keeping abreast of the ongoing changes, insights, regulations, and innovations in today’s healthcare environment

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Welcome to the video series, The Model Medical-Legal Partnership, presented by The Children’s Care Network (TCCN). The purpose of these videos is to familiarize you and your colleagues with the Health Law Partnership, which was created to assist children and their families who are exposed to “health harming legal issues.” These issues can negatively impact the health and well-being of those children, as well as the entire family, and with appropriate medical and legal support, these issues can be mitigated, and in some cases, eliminated.

The series consists of three videos, with accompanying presentations. These videos will:

  1. Describe the components of HeLP
  2. Explain the criteria for eligibility
  3. Describe how to make a referral, and;
  4. Explain how to access the services provided through HeLP

Please visit the links below to access the videos and presentations. For more information about HeLP, please call 404-785-2005 or visit


Video One: "The Model Medical-Legal Partnership"

Video One Presentation

Video Two: "Who is Eligible for HeLP Services?"

Video Two Presentation

Video Three: "How to Access HeLP Services?"

Video Three Presentation

On Demand

Call Your Pediatrician

Dr. Anna Kuo Board of Directors Member for The American Board of Pediatrics discusses the importance of staying up to date on your child's well checks and immunizations.


2023 Coding Seminar

GPS Sub-Specialty Web Series

Dr. Josephson: Hello, my name is Dr. Doug Josephson from Roswell Pediatrics Center and a member of the Kids Health First Quality Committee with Dr. Thuy Bui of Pediatric Emergency Medicine to find out what information the KHF pediatricians need to know about emergency care during this unprecedented time.
KHF Physician Dr. Sally Marcus interviews Dr. Allan Peljovich of Hand and Upper Extremity Center of Georgia to find out what information the KHF pediatricians need to know during this unprecedented time.
Dr. Josephson from Roswell Pediatrics will be talking with Dr. Baktha to find out what information the KHF pediatricians need to know from PENTA during this unprecedented time.
Dr. Lori Descoutter interviews Dr. Hal Scherz to discuss how Georgia Urology is adapting during this unprecedented time.
Dr. Marcus and Dr. Blumenthal discuss how GI CARE for Kids is adapting during COVID-19
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Wednesday, March 29

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Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Support Center

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2021 Annual Meeting

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March 19, 2020


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