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Vaccine Toolkit

Our Vaccine Toolkit will help facilitate your practice’s recovery and also ensure you have the latest information on available and approved vaccinations. This unanticipated and extended pandemic clearly mandates that we look differently at how, when and where we practice medicine, thus prompting us to create innovative ways to provide excellent care. This guide include scientific data related to the structure and distribution of the various COVID-19 vaccines, and implementation guidelines.

Vaccine Toolkit-Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Vaccine Specifics
  • How to Apply to be a Vaccine Site
  • Additional Actions to Take Place During the Enrollment Process
  • Ordering COVID-19 Vaccines Storage and Handling
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Training
  • Coadministration With Other Vaccines
  • Vaccine Reporting Requirements
  • Reimbursement
  • Practice Implementation & Best Practices
  • Important Points to Consider before becoming a COVID Vaccination Site
    • Plan Your Work
    • Vaccine Storage Requirements and Life Span
    • Staffing Considerations
    • Training
    • Supplies and Vaccine Administration
    • Prepare for the Unexpected & Mitigate Risk
    • Vaccine Inventory Management
    • Establish Your Practice Flow
    • Vaccine Clinic vs. Regular Hours
    • Recall Lists
  • Closing Thoughts from Your Peers
  • Appendix(s)

*Last updated June 29, 2021

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