Value-Added Services Programs

Kids Health First provides the highest standard healthcare to the children of Atlanta through quality improvement programs, life-long continuing education, strong affiliations with our community healthcare partners, and access to multiple value-added service programs. This integration of purpose, focus and service enables us to act as one voice to meet the needs of our physicians and children, as we progressively prepare for today’s changing landscape.

As a member of Kids Health First, you have access to the following value-added service programs:

  • Sanofi Vaccine-Flu
  • Merck Vaccine
  • Kids Health First Malpractice Coverage and Training
    • MAGMutual Educational Webinars
    • Up-to-Date (Barbara-is this a newsletter, changes??? Or ???)
    • Risk Management Queries
    • HIPAA and OSHA training opportunities (you have OSHA listed twice??)
  • Nurse Practitioner Protocol Guideline
  • Annual OSHA Training
  • Annual HR Training

In addition to the above, as a member of The Children’s Care Network (TCCN), you have access to the following value-added service programs through TCCN:

  • TCCN Health Insurance with access to the ThinkHR portal
  • TCCN Malpractice Coverage
  • TCCN Merchant Services
  • TCCN FluMist Program
  • TCCN GSK Program (do you want to spell out GSK?)
  • TCCV COVID-19 Testing

For more information on any of the above, contact Barbara Douglas at 770.333.0033, ext. 201, 678.938.5935 or



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