Plan Contacts

Website: wellcare.com
Phone Number: 866.231.1821

Current Fee Schedule

WellCare Fee Schedule 4.1.2016

MEDICAID 107 percent–Wellcare (April 2008).xls


Wellcare/Peachstate Merger Update

  • WellCare has been acquired by Centene and will be merging with Peach State.
  • DCH has stopped people from enrolling into WellCare as of 04/01/2020. Current members can choose to elect a new CMO on their anniversary date or re-enroll with WellCare until the plan is completely phased out.
  • An official end date for WellCare has not been set as of yet.
  • Wellcare FAQ Document 


Please note: WellCare fee schedules and other information will still be available on our site.

Previous Fee Schedules

no fee schedules from this year

no fee schedules from this year

no fee schedules from this year


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