Kids Health First

Chronic Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is a frequent chief complaint for visits to pediatricians and the evaluation can be lengthy, complex, and expensive.  The objective in developing this guideline was to provide the pediatrician with the tools to efficiently triage these children in order to better define functional abdominal pain (FAP) from organic causes.

This guideline includes recommendations for:

1.) history and evaluation, which includes delineation between acute and chronic pain, identification of alarm signs, occult blood testing, urinalysis and urine culture, and other blood tests as indicated.

*This guideline was developed from the American Academy of Pediatrics Subcommittee on Chronic Abdominal Pain and NASPGHAN Committee on Abdominal Pain, 2005. The recommendations in the KHF guidelines do not indicate an exclusive course of treatment. The intent is to build a consensus of care in the pediatric market and provide a framework for clinical decision-making. This guideline was last revised in 2/2010.

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